Italian health care under extreme pressure – frontline reporting

Best Practice Nordic | Mar 2020 | COVID-19 |

  The region of Lombardy is one the areas in Italy, that was first affected by the current coronavirus disease COVID-19. Prior to the outbreak, the Italian health system was thought to have a high attainable standard of care for all its citizens. However, as it turned out, the hospitals were not prepared for a sudden outbreak of a contagious disease. Within a short time, the Italians had to facilitate fast initiatives and solutions in order to treat the continuously increasing number of patients, and in order to prevent a collapse of the system. In this video you hear Professor Giacomo Grasselli, from the University of Milan, talk about how hospitals and medical staff tried to prepare for COVID-19 and how they are desperately fighting for their patients. The video is recorded by the Norwegian health authority. Last reported numbers from Italy’s National Institute of Health (March 16, 2020) 25,058 cases (2,339 healthcare workers) 1,697 deaths nationwide The case fatality ratio: • 90 years and older: 21.6% • 80-89 years: 18.8% • 70-79: 11.8 % • 60-69: 3.2% • 50-59: 0.3% • All younger age ranges: 0.3% or less 6,5 % were reported as asymptomatic (bases on data from 8,802 cases). 58.8% were reported with mild or very mild disease or no symptoms (bases on data from 8,802 cases) Photo credits: Screendump from youtube seminar with Professor Giacomo Grasselli, Intensive Care Unit, Milano, published by Helsedirektoratet.